Hauling Junk or Clearing Clutter, JH Express is the Call to Make

Clutter, like laundry, is an ever-present thorn in the side of anyone who lives indoors. Fortunately for all indoor-dwelling Southern Floridians, Junk Hauling Express is experienced (and if we may say so ourselves, pretty darn good) at hauling away that unsightly clutter from all manner of properties from commercial to condemned. Whether you’re still hunkering down or your life is regaining some form of normalcy, you might need help eliminating junk and clutter from your immediate surroundings. If the resolution of your personal junk pile doesn’t require anything as dramatic as a big Junk Hauling Express truck, we’d like to offer you a few helpful words of advice for clearing out that quarantine quandary.

First, you should remove every item out of the cluttered area. This will be a lot of work, yes, but you won’t be inclined to do it twice! The amount of mess you choose to hang onto will be dwarfed by your desire to less work when you’re done. Some items will be obvious junk and easy to let go. However, some of us run into a brick featuring graffiti that reads, “Everything means something.”

To get over this hurdle, here are a few qualifying questions you can ask yourself:
  • When was the last time it was used?
  • Would you buy it if it were on a store shelf right now?
  • Is it still relevant in your life?

For example, if you want to rid yourself of closet clutter actively and over time, you can hang all of your clothing on clothes hangers facing the same way. After an item is taken down and eventually returned to the closet, return it with the hanger facing the opposite way. When anywhere from six months to a year has passed, the clothes on hangers that have not been turned around probably need to find a new home. You can apply this simple philosophy to anything, but don’t toss it in the garbage bin! Junk Hauling Express is only a phone call away, and we can expertly collect and transport unwanted clutter to one of the many donation/redistribution centers in the Naples area. As the saying goes, one person’s trash truly can be another person’s treasure.

Junk Hauling Express can and will come directly to you and remove any discarded items with the courtesy of a free estimate one the very day you decide to roll up your sleeves and rid your personal space of that quarantine clutter build-up. Whether it’s impossibly big or infinitesimally small, Junk Hauling Express really can haul it all.