Residential Junk Removal

Have you recently purchased a commercial lot or business and need everything cleared out to start ASAP? Then look no further! We here at Junk Hauling Lauderdale specialize in the removal of any and all unwanted furniture, equipment, or any and all amenities no longer desired. Trust that Junk Hauling Lauderdale can get the job done! We can take pretty much everything, even hazardous waste which needs to be properly collected and disposed of. Junk Hauling Lauderdale ensures commercial junk removal is done promptly!

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Commercial Junk Hauling Services

Furniture Removal &
Appliance Removal

Our homes are filled with furniture and appliances, but there is no need for them to be filled with the ones you no longer want, use, or don’t work. From fridges to dryers, tables, couch removal, and more, we haul away all types of furniture and appliances.

Debris Removal

Picking up scattered waste from an entire renovation or construction project is a complex task. Still, it is one that we can help you with to accomplish the last step of your project. After our construction waste removal services, all you have left to do is enjoy your improved or newly built home!

Bed/Mattress Disposal

Mattress disposal is a process that we know and handle expertly, making it effortless to get rid of an old mattress with us. In our removal process we include everything ranging from the mattress, box spring, headboard, and rails if any, effectively taking any load off your back.

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs have to be dismantled to be removed from your home, and we carry out both of these tasks smoothly through our hot tub removal services. Proper safety measures need to be taken into consideration such as disconnecting the tub’s power. We consider every detail beforehand in every job we take.

Hoarding/Storage Clean-out

Cut the cost of maintaining items that no longer serve you a purpose by hiring our storage unit clean-out service. We will dispose of items you no longer want. Our discrete approach to hoarding cleanup removes every bit of waste helping you declutter your space from unwanted and unnecessary junk.

House/Estate Clean-out

We offer both household junk removal and estate cleanout services. They work great if you need to clear your entire home or if it’s time for a garage cleanout and like projects. Our clean-site guarantee will also make your home more attractive if you are selling or renting your estate!